SWF Encrypt Is Best Accomplished Using SWF Obfuscator Software

Proprietary intellectual property (IP) including code and graphics is found in compiled Flash applications. Dissimilar to compiled binary files, intellectual property in Flash files is extremely acquireable to unauthorized individuals armed with one of the effective decompiling and reverse engineering resources. To battle this form of piracy, SWF developers often count on code obfuscation.

In summary, code obfuscation is the technique of altering source code into a form which is unrecognizable to human readers along with keeping the structure and functionality for computer systems. Obfuscated executable program code, when reverse engineered or decompiled, yields output which is exceptionally difficult for humans to comprehend or figure out, and therefore very tough to change or adjust. This form ofSWF encrypt methodology is very effective in encrypting and protecting SWF ActionScript code.